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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a DJ?

A DJ is much more than just someone pushing play on a CD player or a lap top computer. As you know, choosing the right DJ or entertainment for your event is crucial to the success of your event or party. That’s why at P&C ENTERTAINMENT, your professional DJ’s are masters at motivating and reading crowds to always knowing the right selection to play to keep your party moving all night long. So you can sit back, relax and enjoy your party.

Will I get to meet my DJ before the event?

Yes. Personal touch is our specialty and we are always excited to meet our clients. P&C will help assist you with what type of music, party games, special dances or any special musical requests you might want played at your event. If you have questions we have answers to solve all your entertainment needs!

When should I reserve my Disc Jockey?

Your P&C DJ can be hired as soon as you have a date. The location can be called in a few weeks prior to event. To reserve your date, all we need is a $100 deposit and that will get the ball rolling and we can begin the planning procedure to make sure your party is a successful one. For answers to any additional questions or for booking your event please contact PETE MOLINA at 352-400-6410 or email us at pandcentertainment@gmail.com (Remember the important thing is to get your date reserved.)

What does my party room need to supply?

Electrical outlets and shelter from elements from outside. P&C uses true professional equipment Stinger lasers, and the finest speakers from Electro-Voice to give you the complete audio/visual experience. If the event is outside, equipment needs to be protected from any outside elements that may arise.

What activities can be done for theme events?

Your P&C DJ can play a variety of music with activities for theme parties. If you are throwing a 50’s party, a 70’s Disco Party, a Country Hoe-down or a Hawaiian Luau or beach party. Your DJ can do the Limbo, Hula Hoop or Freeze Dance, a Twist Contest, the Cha-Cha Slide, & various other line dances. Whatever your theme is we will accommodate you. Combine that with the skill, experience and knowledge of our DJ’s you will have the party you have been hoping for!

What are participation activities?

Each generation has had a variety of dances like the Stroll in the 1950’s to the Cupid Shuffle from today. Specialty dances include The Twist, The Watusi, The Hustle. Electric Slide, Cha Cha Slide, Macarena, The Chicken Dance, and Hokey Pokey, just to name a few of the more popular ones. These work great for all ages, even for those who don’t know how to dance.

Can I choose a list of music?

Yes. You can make a list of your choice of music. Our D.J.’s carry around 10,000 songs to all of our events to cover any requests your guests might have.

Do I pay for the DJ to set up and take down his equipment?

No, you pay only for the scheduled time that appears on the contract to play music. Your P&C DJ will arrive earlier than the contracted time to set up, and stay later than the contracted time to break down.

How much do I tip the DJ?

Traditionally DJ’s receive 15 to 20 percent tips, sometimes even more. No tip is specifically required but any and all tips are always appreciated.